Residential Election Signs

Dear Residents,

As we find ourselves in a presidential election year, we would like to send out a friendly reminder to everyone regarding the recent addendum made to the Cypress Cove prospectus, regarding signage in general, including political. Addendum A was sent out to all residents on September 27th 2019 and took effect as of January 1st 2020 giving everyone well over 90 days now to acclimate to this addendum and ensure compliance accordingly.

All visible signs, including miscellaneous, whether on windows, porches or on the lot itself have to be pre-authorized by Cypress Cove management unless specifically stated in Addendum A, otherwise, they will be deemed as being out of compliance. Pre-authorization for such signs can be requested by emailing Enable JavaScript to view protected content., subject to review and approval. You do not need pre-authorization to erect a political sign as long as it falls within the dates and guidelines set forth by Addendum A, which are listed below and are removed according to these guidelines as well.

As it pertains to political signs, regardless of candidate or party supported, Addendum A specifically states:

Sign – Political

Political signs are allowed in the community from early voting through election day only. They must be removed within three(3) days after the election. Signs shall not be placed on more than one side of the home. No more than one sign(per supported candidate) per yard. Size of sign cannot exceed 18 inches by 24 inches.

A political sign is anything that is considered to promote or is directly connected to a particular candidate or party, including slogans, partisan flags, cut outs, banners and other campaign material, among other things.

According to the Florida Department of Elections, the official government entity we utilize to determine, election dates and early voting periods; the exact early voting dates and election dates for 2020 are:

Presidential Preference Primary Election, early voting start date = March 7th 2020
Presidential Preference Primary Election, election date = March 17th 2020

Primary Election, early voting start date = August 8th 2020
Primary Election, election date = August 18th 2020

General Election, early voting start date = October 24th 2020
General Election, election date = November 3rd 2020

It is imperative that said political signs are not erected before the above-referenced dates and taken down promptly on the third day after the election has taken place. Please take a quick survey of your homes and lots and ensure that you are within compliance of the above referenced Cypress Cove prospectus Addendum A. We ask that you remove any signage not authorized unless properly approved and any political signs have to be removed within the next 24 hours of this reminder until the above-referenced eligible dates. As such, failure to comply with this reminder will result in individual violation notices being sent to homeowners found to be non-compliant and further action as allowed per our prospectus. 

Lastly, we respect and encourage everyone’s right to vote and support the candidate of their choice, as long as it is done within our community guidelines and is mindful of other guests and residents alike.

Thank you all in advance for your cooperation in allowing us the opportunity to provide you, our residents with a stress-free, wholesome family nudist resort environment that is second to none, here at Cypress Cove Nudist Resort.          


Armando Colon
Residential Property Manager