Membership is not required to visit Cypress Cove

However, if you plan to visit with any frequency, membership does have its privileges. 

Benefits of Cypress Cove Nudist Resort Membership:

  • Discounts on Daily Admission and Lodging
  • Occassional "Members Only" Discounts and Promotions
  • All members may sponsor a First Time Visitor for one Free Visit (member must be present)
  • Full Members receive unlimited free daily admission to the resort
  • After 5 members get discounted daily admission and free admission after 5 PM
  • Supporting members receive discounted daily admission,1/2 price admission after 5 PM, and membership to the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR)

All membership rates are annual and include tax.

NOTE: As of January 1, 2021, Cypress Cove no longer includes AANR membership in your Full- or After-5 Cypress Cove membership dues. We support the work of good, family-oriented nudist organizations working for the protection of nudist rights and educating people about the benefits of a clothing-free way of life. We encourage you to support one, too. By doing so, you may be eligible for certain discounts.

Members who renew from their current expiration date (leaving no lapse) will receive a renewal discount.

Your initial membership must be obtained in person. Renewals may be processed at Cypress Cove's front office, via the telephone with a credit card, or through the mail.

Couple / Family Membership Dues 2024 (plus tax)

Membership Level New / Reinstate Renew
Full $839.00 $789.00
Youth (ages 18-35) $497.00 $447.00
After 5 $209.00 $159.00
Supporting (includes AANR) $128.00 $128.00

Single Membership Dues 2024 (plus tax

Membership Level New / Reinstate Renew
Full $505.00 $485.00
Youth (ages 18-35) $309.00 $279.00
After 5 $125.00 $95.00
Supporting (includes AANR) $64.00 $64.00


For your convenience, Cypress Cove Nudist Resort now offers a payment plan for Full Memberships. You must apply in person and sign a contract for a minimum of 12 months of membership. Cypress Cove will automatically deduct the monthly payment from your checking or savings account each month. Make an appointment to sign up for the monthly payment plan.

Daily Membership Fees 
- For daily resort use and extra guests in our accommodations. Villa and Campground rates include all Daily Membership Fees (grounds fees) for up to 2 adults. Full members pay no Daily Membership Fees. Resort use is free for After 5 Members daily after 5 pm, 1/2 price after 5 pm for all others.


Daily Membership Fees - "Day Fees" (per person, plus tax)

Membership Level Full Day After 5 pm
Non-Member $35.00 $17.50
Cypress Cove Supporting Member $28.00 $14.00
Cypress Cove After-5 Member $20.00 Included
Youth Rate (ages 18-35) $10.00 $5.00
Cypress Cove Full/Youth Member Included Included

Per adult, plus tax, valid through December 31, 2024.
And don't forget, children under 18 visit for free with paid parental admission!