9 Hole Chip n' Putt Golf Course

Golf Course Golf Course

Novelty, Variety, and Challenge

Cypress Cove provides a unique opportunity to golf nude on its nine-hole chip and putt course. Our cleverly designed course consists of nine holes of varying distances and degrees of difficulty, including a variety of hazards and out-of-bounds markers.

A shelter is provided where players gather every afternoon at 3:00 PM daily for the best ball scramble, which takes approximately one hour to play at a cost of 30 cents per player. All money is returned to the winning players including a prize for closest to the pin. Teams of two or three players are formed by random marble draw.

All skill levels are welcome, even individuals who have never golfed before. It doesn't take long to learn the game, but be warned: it can become addictive.

There is usually a fun tournament with food and drinks in the spring each year. In addition to this organized event, players are welcome to play the course at any time at no cost. Clubs, tees, and balls are provided for players who don't have their own equipment.

Players are asked to follow these simple rules: 1. Pitch and putt only. NO FULL SWING SHOTS. 2 Tees must be used on the tee boxes. 3. Players are responsible for damage to personal property adjoining the course. Play respectfully.

Have Fun!