Cypress Cove COVID-19 Updates

Statement by General Manager, Peter Sewall: 

Good afternoon,

The statement I wrote last Monday seems like a different world ago. Then, we were on the precipice of disaster; the worst point in the course of this pandemic known as COVID-19. Today, however, there is no question that we are in a far better position than any point in the immediate future. As such, Cypress Cove Nudist Resort is taking new preventative measures consistent with the guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as those directed by Florida Governor, Rick DeSantis. The goal is to ensure the health and wellbeing of all residents, guests, and team members as we battle a formidable opponent.

In a press conference earlier this afternoon, DeSantis ordered all Florida bars and nightclubs to close for the next 30 days beginning today, March 17th. By the time you receive this communiqué, Cheeks Bar and Grill will have already observed closure at the 5pm deadline. While service will not be available this evening, we have already begun preparations to flip the service model of Cheeks into “the world’s largest food truck,” beginning with breakfast tomorrow morning. All orders will be made “to-go” and you will be able to enjoy these in the comfort of your RV, your mobile home, your tent, or your villa. Table service will be unavailable; however, we anticipate a delivery service to follow in short order. Our service staff will be reassigned to fill delivery roles. The direct phone number to Cheeks is 407-933-3529. Please be patient during peak meal hours as we anticipate a fairly high number of phoned-in orders. Adult beverages will be available for purchase. However, our license does not permit delivery of these consumables; this type of transaction must take place in person.

  • Cheeks will continue to operate 3 meals every day. It will open at 7am and will close at around 8pm. As the operation moves forward, we may adjust these hours to better serve the community. A select menu will be available each day and our culinary management team is working on this week’s distribution. Lakeside Restaurant and Scuttlebutts will be closed into the foreseeable future. 
  • All Cove-sponsored activities and events have been suspended into the next 30 days. This includes themed weekends and entertainment. 
  • The Dayroom, The Clubhouse, The Terrace, and the Gym are unavailable with immediate effect. Sport court play has been halted as well. 
  • Pools and spas will be closed until further notice. However, the sun decks will remain open. Lounge chairs have been spaced in accordance with the guidelines of directed Social Distancing. PLEASE DO NOT MOVE THE LOUNGERS, CHAIRS, OR TABLES. Bear in mind that a limited number of each will be available...and this is by design. The point is to maintain a safe amount of distancing between each person, not load the deck up with more seating. We have identified additional areas (the Terrace lawn for example) where loungers can be added should additional seating be needed. Gates to the pool complex will open at 7am and will close at 7pm. The saving of loungers and chairs is absolutely prohibited. I have directed my staff to remove belongings that have been abandoned for more than 30 minutes. 
  • Beginning immediately, day visitors are limited to those with existing memberships. If you have a two-week pass, it will be honored. However, no additional passes will be available for sale. All new arrivals, as well as those members coming in for the day, must fill out a brief Self Declaration health screening form. Admission is granted only after all questions are answered and reviewed by the screener. Access to the grounds will be denied if the visitor is determined to pose a risk to the community. 
  • The main gate will remain a 24-hour post. However, the front office will maintain limited hours of 7am to 7pm daily. Again, this may be adjusted to fit the needs of the community.

These measures are not intended to be drastic, but rather all-encompassing...and I can assure you that none of these decisions were made easily. However, the bigger picture – the long-term picture – must include the individuals that make up our nudist community...our Cove Family and our extended Cove Family. That means putting every one of you above all else. My team and I are willing to do it with full buy-in from the park ownership. I trust that I have your support as we move through this difficult time together.

Thank you, 

Peter Sewall
General Manager
Cypress Cove Nudist Resort


For Upcoming Reservations: 

If you have an upcoming reservation, you are more than welcome to come. Please know that most of our usual amenities are closed down due to the mandates set forth by the Governor of Florida. On property, food sales are restricted to Grab & Go or delivery only. Pools and hot tubs are closed in addition to all public buildings. We are currently accepting new reservations during this time, but you will be required to fill out a screener.  Please be advised of all of the locations closed. We currently are not accepting reservations if you have visited or reside in the following locations: Europe, New York, New Jersey, & Washington. In addition, if you have had contact with an individual from one of these locations or if you have taken care of or live with someone with COVID-19, we would love to have you back at a later date. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

We look forward to having you at Cypress Cove at another time. We encourage you to check back frequently for updates. Stay safe! 

Should you have additional questions, please reach out to our front desk team at 407-933-5870 or email at Enable JavaScript to view protected content.