Welcome book lovers!

Welcome to the Cypress Cove Lending Library. 

We work on the honor system in this library. Please don't check out more than 3 books at a time and return your books when you are finished with them. If you'd like to keep a book, please make sure to replace it with another. This will ensure our lending library will carry on for years to come.

Lending Library Book Drive

What can be better than grabbing a nice book and getting lost in another world while laying naked on the beach, by the pool, or just at home? That’s why Cypress Cove has a Lending Library. Housed in our clubhouse building, the Lending Library is where you can borrow and donate used books. Feel free to borrow a book at any time. If you’d like to keep it, just donate another book in its place. This will ensure full shelves and variety for everyone.

The Lending Library is overseen by our members and is based on the honor system. Please do not abuse this wonderful service by taking books without replacing them. The Lending Library is also not a place to collect books for resale (Who would do that, anyway? That’s rude!)

It’s Time for a Book Drive!
Over the years, the Lending Library has been a beloved feature for residents and guests alike. Help us bring it back to its former glory by going through your shelves, garages, or storage and donating your used books to this cause. All types of books are welcome. Please donate all books to the front desk. We’ll place a big sticker on every book cover to show that it’s from the Cove’s Lending Library. That way, everyone can read with pride! 

Current Books on Lend:
Please RETURN the book to the front desk when you are finished with it!

Questions? Send an email to Cypress Cove general manager Peter Sewall at Enable JavaScript to view protected content.. See something, say something. And thanks in advance for your book donations!