Cypress Cove Renovations

Update 11-20-19:

The front doors are being installed to finish out the new polished look. 

Update 11-18-19:

Armando wants to welcome all of his beloved residents to his office! 


Update 11-17-19:

Looks like we are adding another door to the building. Armando's new office will have direct access for residents. There will be no need to go through the main office. 

Update 11-10-19:

We got a new delivery of Tiki Gods to the front office. 

Update 11-6-19:

Improvements continue with the laying of brick pavers for golf cart parking out front. These make the front of the office look more polished. 

Update 10-31-19:

We have moved back into the office, but things are not 100% done. There are adjustments needed and things like the doors are on backorder. They will be here soon. Computers are down and the internet is not working. We've gotten a number of phone calls requesting the newsletter, but unfortunately, we cannot accommodate yet. 

Update 10-12-19:

We are quickly approaching our deadline. Things appear to be in disarray, but if anyone can do it, it's Jeff's team. 

Update 10-1-19:

Mailboxes have been placed in their home. The retail wall is taking shape as well. The terrace looks like it's getting a new nook for the computer possibly for additional privacy. 

Update 9-27-19:

The office has paint and flooring installed. The wallpaper looks great, but it's not finished yet. The terrace has a whole new look and seems to have additional windows looking into the office area. 

Update 9-18-19:

Cheeks flooring is finished and furniture has been moved into place. Lighting and kickplates have been added to the underside of the bar. The bathroom walls are in place and the new vanity has taken shape.


Update 9-5-19: 

It's looking more like progress and less like demolition in all areas of renovations. Working with the county officials have gone great as we get the all-clear at each step. Jeff and his team is starting with things like the flooring in the office and final touches in the restrooms at Cheeks.

Update 8-21-19:

Our contractor Jeff is moving mountains and making things happen with his team. Demolition is all done in the office and the smell of freshly cut timber fills the air as the framework takes shape. New materials line the parking lot awaiting their unwrapping and installation. Building 1 has new windows and the tile completed in most of the rooms. Although still bare-bones in building 1, you can see progress making way rapidly. 

This wood plank tile looks amazing!

Ready for a fresh polish & some happy feet.

The parking lot has made way for storage. 

New materials await their new home.

A new look as you walk in the front door.

The old front desk location. 

This tile gives our rooms an open feeling.

Brand new windows adorn the outside of building 1.

Update 8-14-19:

There certainly have been some change around the main office. Front desk operations are now temporarily relocated to the Clubhouse. They moved the existing front desk to the clubhouse to allow guests and residents to feel a sense of familiarity when coming in to conduct business. It was no easy task getting that moved out and bolted in its new temporary home.  

Please use caution when driving in front of the office, as you will notice the addition of traffic cones and a speed bump. These are in place to allow phones and computers to work in the new location without having to dig new paths for the communication wiring.

 Click on photos to enlarge.

Speed bumps in place

Use caution

The store before

The store after

The front desk being moved

The front desk in place

Tiki, Maribel and their front end team have all worked long hours to bring Cypress Cove guests and employees a first-class experience. They stocked shelves, cleaned & organized late into the night and set up front desk operations. None of this could have been accomplished without incredible cross-departmental teamwork.    

The office area has come along way in just a few short days. 

 Click on photos to enlarge.

Cheeks is coming along quickly

Click to enlarge photos

The finished side of Cheeks

The finished side of Cheeks

Looking like its almost done

Maybe a few more days

Building 1 and the Bathhouse is making great strides

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We thank you again for your patience during this transitional phase. Please stay tuned for updates!

Update 8-7-19:

You may have noticed a theme happening around Cypress Cove lately. We are renovating and improving multiple locations for your future enjoyment. Our main office and Terrace is no exception and will undergo a face-lift in the upcoming days lasting approximately 8 weeks. During this time all of the main office operations will be temporarily relocated to the Clubhouse. This is where regular front desk operations and residential needs will continue to take place. You will still be able to grab some sunscreen, a shirt or other shop items in addition to checking in or out for your villa stay. 

We understand that the clubhouse and Terrace are home to several loved clubs, so we are tirelessly working to find a home for your beloved activities during this much needed and anticipated renovation. The Bingo Club has decided to take a brief hiatus during the construction and will continue in the clubhouse after operations have vacated. If your club usually meets in the clubhouse or Terrace and wants to take a hiatus as well, please reach out to Regis in the Activities Office so that he can take note.

We encourage club hiatus during this time due to the lack of available space for activities. If you wish to continue your club meetings during the renovation, please contact Regis and he will try to accommodate club meets with the use of the Day Room. We thank you for your patience during this temporary transitional phase. We are eager to showcase these renovations with you, our valued residents & guests over the next several months. Please stay tuned to Cypress Cove social media and newsletter for periodic updates.