Nude Yogis Stretch Their Skills in Central Florida

20 February 2019

Cypress Cove Nudist Resort, one of the largest and most well-known nudist resorts in North America, is hosting a nude yoga retreat on May 17-19 at the resort grounds in Kissimmee, Florida. Titled “The Body Sacred,” the weekend-long retreat will feature two of the leading figures behind the growing nude yoga movement in the US, Isis Phoenix and Luna Phoenix, and Dr. Lloyd Sparks, who will be leading a forum on nutrition and fitness.  
“We’re certainly glad to be hosting the retreat,” said Peter Sewall, General Manager of Cypress Cove Nudist Resort. “The nude yoga movement has been gaining momentum, especially over the past few years, and Cypress Cove provides a perfect place where retreat participants can continue their clothes-free experience even after the sessions.” 
In the typical nude yoga class, participants disrobe when the practice begins and dress before leaving the teaching space. Since Cypress Cove is a clothing-optional resort, there is no need to be dressed before or after the classes or anywhere on the resort property. According to Sewall, this will allow retreat attendees to maintain the special space that the instructors create during the classes, so they fully experience the freedom of wholesome, social nudity. 
As for what the retreat sessions will be like, nude yoga instructor Luna Phoenix says that “attendees can expect to receive enriching directions into each movement from both Isis and I, and how to feed 
the physical body to enhance its abilities by Lloyd. I envision this collaboration with Lloyd and Isis to be an eye-opening, soul-enriching experience and discovery into how sacred the nude body truly is.” 

Why do yoga in the nude? Luna Phoenix believes that it creates a special experience that goes much farther than simply getting some exercise, relieving stress, or enjoying the “freedom to move without wedgies.” She feels that nude yoga creates an inner transformation and a new appreciation of the human body. “Nude yoga is the awareness that the naked body is the fleshy armor to the highly sensitive, empowering creature we are inside,” she notes. “I am so excited to be teaching during this event!” 
Isis Phoenix agrees: “This beautiful retreat will be an immersive yoga experience, weaving the mind and spirit together with the focus on the joy embodiment and the sacredness of the body temple. Luna and I will guide individuals through gentle yoga in gorgeous nature-based settings, including partner yoga to support individuals going deeper into their own experience through shared asana practice and guided meditation to reduce stress and attune the mind to full embodied presence.” 
“It is an experience to look forward to and to remember often and fondly long afterwards,” Dr. Lloyd Sparks adds. “It will change lives—a deep dive into the realm of sacred naturism where nudity is special—not mundane—and unfolds in sacred space, a place and time set aside for a special purpose. It will be an experience that is exciting and captivating and, above all, meaningful. For my part, I will present a few thoughts on the body-mind connection along with some concrete practices for naturists backed by science to keep ourselves healthy and fit long into our golden years. We will discuss diet, exercise, and more. We will learn to listen to our bodies, understand what they want, and hear what they are telling us so that we can live long, joyous lives in abundant health.” 
Although the retreat is open to anyone with prior nude yoga and/or nudist experience, there are a very limited number of spots, so those interested in participating are encouraged to register soon. Price for attending the retreat is $250 before March 5 and $299 afterward. Lodging is not included in that fee. Both event registration and lodging can be purchased through the Cypress Cove website at 

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