New Swimmer in Lake Brown

3 May 2021

We want to thank everyone involved with the restock of Lake Brown. Beginning with the fundraiser last year, the lake testing, and the delivery from the hatchery. If you remember, we had a natural fish kill after the torrential rains last summer. Cypress Cove matched those donations for a total of over $6k in funds. They ordered 1,200 Large Mouth Bass to restock our beloved Lake Brown. By the end of this year, they will have already reached about 8 inches in length. Cypress Cove wishes to thank Graham and Pat, Gary and Nellie, Tim and Tracy, Donna Lynn, and particularly Mike and Susan. Your efforts are appreciated! 

We want to remind all of our fishermen that Lake Brown will be a Catch & Release only fishing spot until further notice. Please help us keep our fish stocked in Lake Brown.