Netflix Docuseries Worn Stories Premier Episode Features Cypress Cove Nudist Resort

1 April 2021

Cypress Cove Nudist Resort congratulates Netflix for its accurate portrayal of a nudist community in its latest original documentary series Worn Stories, which was released on April 1 on the popular streaming service. The first episode, titled “Community,” was partly filmed at Cypress Cove Nudist Resort, the most well-known nudist resort in North America.
“We are proud of the work that went into Worn Stories and, especially, the premier episode,” says Peter Sewall, Cypress Cove’s general manager. “The nudist community is understandably cautious whenever approached by media outlets and production companies. That is mainly because we want to ensure that the public gets the right picture of what life is like behind the walls of a nudist community like Cypress Cove.”
Sewall says that his marketing team worked with the show’s producers for several months before filming was even planed. “There is always some education that goes into the planning,” he says. “Our director of sales and marketing, Dan Whicker, worked closely with segment producer Tallie Johnson to ensure that her team understood the nuances of nudism and how it related to the concept of the show.”
“Tallie was great,” Whicker adds, “as was executive producer and director Dara Horenblas and her whole crew. Once they arrived on property, we helped them scout specific locations and meet with great people who were to appear on camera—Diane, Paul, Niecey, and all the extras. We spent three days with them while they filmed. The whole crew was very professional and dedicated to capturing life at a nudist resort as it really is. I was so glad that Tallie chose our resort for the episode. Cypress Cove continues to be amongst the strongest voices for nudism in the US.”
The dedication of the production crew convinced Sewall and his Cypress Cove team that the “Community” episode would not only be accurate, but that the entire series would be a hit.
“Worn Stories was already trending early this morning,” Sewall notes, “and Cypress Cove is already fielding inquiries about the resort and the show. We’re very happy with what we have seen and are excited for Netflix as they offer another great docuseries that, as their website says, shares ‘stories that move us.’”
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