Happy Holidays - Project Update from owner, Ted Hadley

1 December 2021

So, I come bearing presents!

We're always looking for new ways to enhance the experience at Cypress Cove. Here are a few of our upcoming projects. We think they will be very nice improvements. These are all still in early stages of development.

Lakeside Restaurant Deck - We've been fighting wood rot on the Lakeside deck for years. We've finally decided to replace the whole thing with precast concrete. We can paint or stain it to look nice, and it should last roughly forever.

Gate House - We're going to replace the front window with a sliding glass door. It will make the Gate Attendant more visible, and allow them to easily step out to the vehicle for more personal service. We'll also be expanding their bathroom (not sure everyone needed to know that).

Cheeks Kitchen - We will be extending the back wall out behind Cheeks, expanding the kitchen area considerably. It should make for a much nicer work environment, allow us to serve more creative dishes and hopefully speed up cook time as well.

Marina - We are going to be repairing the sea wall cap and building floating docks, between the boat ramp and my mom & dad's house. Boats will be assigned a slip and park perpendicular to the sea wall. This should more than double our lakefront boat capacity.

Lakefront Bathhouse - We're going to add a bathhouse to the Lakefront recreational area, between the two fire pits. It will have accessible bathrooms, heated showers, and a storage closet for boat paddles and safety cushions.

Community Pavilion & Park - I've been wanting to build a community pavilion for years (it was actually my dad's idea decades ago). It would be a large covered shelter for parties, club meetings, etc. Peter expanded on the concept (like he always does) to include a fun park surrounding the pavilion. Think benches, small playground equipment, small sports activities, and beautiful landscaping. It will go in the large open space by the basketball court. I think it's going to be a wonderful addition to the community, as well as vastly improving the appearance of that area.

What are your thoughts? Excited, hopefully!

Are there any other Christmas presents you would like this year? Any projects that you think would improve the community? Santa might be feeling generous...

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful holiday season!

Ted Hadley