Cypress Cove featured in Pickleball Article

13 June 2022

Naturist resorts from coast to coast are finding out that nudists want more pickleball – just like the majority of people who don’t do their dinking in the raw. Nude pickleball is beating the pants off its competition. Clothing-optional resorts are advertising their pickleball facilities, holding tournaments, and putting in more courts to meet the demand. Mike Sullivan is a USA Pickleball ambassador and a resident of Cypress Cove Nudist Resort in Kissimmee, Florida. “Pickleball is the biggest sport here by five times,” Sullivan said. Pickleball at Cypress Cove began modestly 14 years ago when a couple visiting from England drew chalk lines on the two tennis courts there. Five years later, the resort had its first two pickleball-dedicated courts. Five years ago, those two courts multiplied into six, and today pickleball is the most popular recreational pursuit at Cypress Cove, with 172 dues-paying nudists playing there seven days a week. Click here to read the whole article.