Blessings of the Cove

18 November 2020

As we round the bend capping out a difficult year, we are about to enter a season of gratitude and giving. It is in this spirit that Cypress Cove would like to introduce a Holiday countdown of sorts, affectionately called “Blessings of The Cove”—a period of supporting those in our nudist family who have the greatest need in consideration of this year’s pandemic.

For the next seven weeks, we are inviting Cypress Cove residents and members to write to us and tell us of your need. How have you been severely impacted by COVID-19? What do you think would help you most during this difficult time? Each week, we will choose a letter and will respond with assistance and support. You can either drop off a letter to the Main Office, care of Peter Sewall, or email Peter at Enable JavaScript to view protected content..

Cypress Cove has enjoyed a long history of community support both participating in, and spearheading, various events ranging in size and reach. It is the members of our naturist community that have enabled growth and success through the years. As such, we thought it was important to finish the year with full focus on this community—those of you “inside the gate.” It can be hard to ask for help, but please let us know if you have an exceptional need. It is our goal to make your holiday season a little bit brighter.

We already know that the Cypress Cove nudist community has a big heart and a philanthropic spirit, so we’d encourage those of you who are not in need to lend support to your friends and neighbors during this time. We want “Blessings of The Cove” to spill over into all corners of our amazing community.

Thank you, 

Peter Sewall
General Manager