Award Winning Chefs

4 September 2023

In a whirlwind of culinary creativity, our resort's exceptional chefs embraced an exhilarating challenge as they stepped into the spotlight of The CFHLA Ultimate Chef's Competition. Despite the spontaneous decision to participate, our talented culinary team poured their hearts into every aspect, from conceptualization to execution. Behind this triumph stood unwavering dedication. Our engineering squad Brian, Michael, and Jason burned the midnight oil to craft an awe-inspiring booth, while the marketing maestros conjured an enchanting theme that captured hearts.

Rising to the occasion, our chefs Joshua & Liezel,  meticulously planned, skillfully cooked, and artfully plated over 500 delectable samples. The dedication and passion they showcased were undeniable, reflecting their unwavering commitment to their craft. It's with immense pride and joy that we announce their triumph – the coveted People's Choice Award, a testament to their unparalleled culinary prowess. 

This victory not only speaks to their exceptional talents but also to the supportive community that rallied behind them. As a specialty resort, we're thrilled to share in this achievement with our guests, whose enthusiasm and appreciation fueled our chefs' drive to deliver nothing short of excellence. Here's to our remarkable chefs and the wonderful community that celebrated their flavorsome victory! Please join us in extending a heartfelt Congratulations to Food & Beverage Director Jose Matos, Executive Chef Jose Colon, Chef Joshua Centeno, Chef Liezel McGraw, Special Projects Leader Brian Chapman, Engineering team member Michael Duck, and General Manager Peter Sewall. As well as, Director of Sales Dan Whicker, Digital Marketing & Communications Manager Stephanie Rutherford, and Social Media Coordinator Sierra Koczenasz.