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Thank you for your interest in Cypress Cove, Florida's most beautiful clothes free resort.

First Time Visitor Coupon
First time visitors to Cypress Cove are invited to a complimentary tour and half price day visit, or stay 2 nights in the Villas and get the 3rd night FREE. Guest must present this coupon at the time of visit.

Since 1964, Cypress Cove has been the preferred location for nudist vacationers from around the world. Our nearly 300-acre facility includes a 50-acre lake, 130 acres of protected wetlands, 20 acres of recreation and even a residential community. Accommodations include 84 villa hotel rooms and apartments, and a modern campground/RV park.

Our clientele is primarily made up of couples and families. Single males must qualify to visit according to our singles policy (please call ahead). All members of AANR or other nudist clubs or organizations are always welcome.

First time visitors to Cypress Cove discover that people come in all shapes and sizes and that, as far as our bodies are concerned, all of us have nothing to hide. Once you've socialized in the nude, you realize what an enormous impact what we wear has on who we are. Clothing can lock us into expected roles and behaviors, contributing to the tensions of daily life.

You may adjust at your own pace, letting the weather and comfort be your guide. Once you feel ready, take a dip in one of our heated swimming pools, which are for our nude guests only.

Our culture and values at Cypress Cove are based on very simple principles; we promote family oriented nudism, which should be wholesome and respectful. If you choose to visit Cypress Cove, you are accepting these core principles and agreeing to abide by them.

We have great fun at our dances, but suggestive attire and/or dancing are not welcome. We appreciate a tender moment between two adults in love, but public displays of affection should be discreet and innocent. Adventures in the bedroom should always be kept private. Discussions of swinging and recruiting are definitely not welcome here.

Our goal is to maintain a safe, wholesome environment where our guests can truly relax and feel comfortable. If you agree, we hope to see you by the pool!

AANR has a couple of pages you may want to visit as well, Frequently Asked Questions About Nude Recreation and Nude Recreation From A Woman's Perspective.

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