Flamingo Adoption Season is Here

12 April 2019

Cypress Cove’s New Beachfront Attracts More Flamingos Than Ever to the 8th Flamingo Adoption Season in Support of Breast Cancer Charity Event

For the last couple of years, it seems the flamingos needing adoption have bypassed the local Flamingo Adoption Agency, instead opting to fly directly to Cypress Cove to get adopted because they know the friends and members of Cypress Cove will step up and answer the call to help place them in loving homes. And this year is no different. A small flock of ‘scouts’ landed at Cypress Cove right after the Nude Yoga Yoga Retreat. The scouts landed right on the iconic COVE topiary.

Remember last year when the flock was lured to the beautiful sands of Fort Myers Beach as they were headed to Cypress Cove, then got lost and we had to drive down and lead them to Cypress Cove? Well, when this year's scouts realized Cypress Cove has their own lakefront beach, they were really encouraged about this year's migration. They left this afternoon to return to Cypress Cove with the entire flock in hopes of being adopted. And the flamingo grapevine is that Cypress Cove is the place to be, so expect a larger migration than ever!

PLEASE OPEN YOUR HEARTS AND HELP US PLACE ALL THESE FLAMINGOS IN GOOD HOMES. Thank you everyone for participating in the Flamingo Adoption Program benefiting our Breast Cancer Fund Raiser. Adoption fees are: babies $20 + 30 raffle tickets, adults $40 + 60 raffle tickets, and families of 4 (2 adults, 2 babies) are $100 + 150 tickets. You do not have to be present to win and Ric will distribute your tickets to make sure you are part of the raffle drawing. To adopt a flamingo contact: 

Laurel at 407-922-7004 or Enable JavaScript to view protected content.


Carol at 217-822-2440 or Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

As usual, if you want to participate but not have the worry of raising a flamingo, Carol and Laurel will find a good home for them and you will still get the raffle tickets.

100% of the adoption fee is donated to The American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer!