Cypress Cove Wins at Ultimate Chef Competition

24 August 2018

J.W. Marriott, Disney’s Swan and Dolphin Resort, Hyatt Regency Orlando—these are just a few of the major players in Central Florida’s tourism industry, brands synonymous with pinnacle level service and top tier food and beverage. On August 22nd, Cypress Cove Nudist Resort squared off against industry leaders in “a battle of the kitchens,” per se, The Ultimate Chef Competition. Rubbing elbows with the elite gave credence to the possibilities that await: could our hidden lakeside gem give the big boys a run for their money? The answer was a resounding “Yes!”


Today, I’m ecstatic to announce the winner of The Central Florida Hotel and Lodging Association (CFHLA) Ultimate Chef Competition, People’s Choice Award, Cypress Cove Nudist Resort!


A culinary team, led by Chef Richard Hoert, commanded by Chef Jose Matos and Chef Michael Rosado, created an amazing dish that appealed to the masses: bison short rib, braised in a signature Jack Daniels demi-glace atop a Yukon Gold mash, and finished with micro greens and a touch of white truffle oil. More than 550 artistically assembled portions were served in no more than two hours—a feat in and of itself—and with a continuous line of patrons to boot, Cypress Cove created quite a buzz amongst the trade floor. This was the first time in the resort’s history that we competed in such a high-profile competition.


I’m extremely proud of our food and beverage team and I believe this win is important for several reasons. First, it validates our efforts as industry leaders; it proves that the limits of our capabilities lie only in the mind while paving the way for continued collaboration amongst team members. Such engagement leads, naturally, to a sense of pride in one’s craft, steadily raising the bar throughout the company. Secondly, it re-introduces Cypress Cove Nudist Resort to the local tourism community with a huge bang. Just as our Chamber of Commerce event draws huge interest about our corner of Pleasant Hill Road—as well as new partnerships--we anticipate similar results from the CFHLA community. I could not have hoped for a better outcome.

--Peter Sewall, General Manager