11 August 2017

The British are coming! We're taking you back to the 60's when The Beatles were hitting the top of the charts and taking the world by storm! The Fab Four, the best-selling band in history, are brought back to life in a great tribute on Saturday night. And not just the Beatles! The Brits also produced The Rolling Stones, Gerry and the Pacemakers, and Herman's Hermits during that time - and they'll join us as well! 

Where were you when the British landed? Were you even born? Pull out your fashions from the 60's, or maybe just your attitude if you prefer to stay naked, and come party with us!

Weekend Highlights:


  • Karaoke w/ Melanie, Scuttlebutts, 6 PM


  • Streak at Cheeks w/ DJ Greg, Cheeks, 7 PM


  • Pool Party w/ DJ Xavier, West Pool, 12 PM
  • Superstar Night w/ A Tribute to the British Invastion, "Hits of the Brits", Lakeside Restaurant, 8 PM
  • Streak at Cheeks w/ DJ Kat, Cheeks, 10 PM


  • Live Music by the Pool w/ Jon, West Pool, 12 PM

More pics available here on You Tube