Events Calendar

Every weekend is a different event at Cypress Cove!

This is a list of currently scheduled Events & Activities for the year.  All activities subject to change.

(2016 printable calendar)



(February printable calendar)

5 - 7
Super Bowl Weekend
Watch the Big Game on our Large Screen TV's, Food & Drink Specials, Prizes, and More!; Magic / Comedy Night, Superstar Nights Concert feat. Tina Turner Tribute, Super Bowl Party!!!
8 - 9
Mardi Gras Celebration
A HUGE Mardi Gras Celebration!; Masquerade Coronation Ball, Fat Tuesday Parade, Mardi Pool Pardi
12 - 14
Valentines Weekend
Fall in love all over again during Valentines Weekend at Cypress Cove; Karaoke Party w/ Regis, Valentines Dance w/ A Taste of Love
19 - 21
Parrothead Lite
A "Lite" version of our biggest weekend of the year, Parrothead!; Streak at Cheeks w/ DJ Shawn, Parrothead Pool Party w/ DJ Xavier, Parrothead Dance w/ The Parrothead Band, Live Music by the Pool w/ Jim
26 - 28
NASCAR Weekend
Our NASCAR themed weekend featuring the Golf Cart Drag Races & Games; Suicide Karaoke w/ DJ Xavier, Golf Cart Games & Drag Racing, NASCAR Dance w/ DJ Xavier
  • Feb 5 - 7: Super Bowl Weekend
  • Feb 8 - 9: Mardi Gras Celebration
  • Feb 12 - 14: Valentines Weekend
  • Feb 19 - 21: Parrothead Lite Party Weekend
  • Feb 26 - 28: NASCAR Weekend



(March printable calendar)

4 - 6
Cove Players Spring Show
The Cove Players put on an amazing lip sync show with fabulous sets, music and choreography. They put a lot of work into these shows and they are always terrific! Shows both nights.
11 - 13
St. Patrick's Day Weekend
It's time to get your Irish on! Karaoke Party w/ Regis, St. Patrick's Day Dance w/ A Taste Of Love
18 - 20
Halloween II Weekend
Why a Halloween themed weekend in March? Why not?!  Streak at Cheeks Party w/ DJ Shawn, Halloween II Party & Costume Contest w/ DJ Xavier, Toolshed of Terror Haunted House
25 - 27
Easter Weekend
Easter is one of our busiest times of the year. Snowbirds are down, kids are on Spring Break, and the weather is great! Suicide Karaoke w/ DJ Xavier, Kids Easter Egg Decorating, Dance w/ Live Music by KennE, Kids Easter Egg Hunt
  • Mar 4 - 6: Cove Players Spring Show Weekend
  • Mar 11 - 13: St. Patrick's Day Weekend
  • Mar 18 - 20: Halloween II Weekend
  • Mar 25 - 27: Easter Weekend



1 - 3
Goodbye Snowbirds Weekend
Sadly, we must say goodbye to our snowbird friends for the season; Ventriloquist Peter Hefty, Goodbye Snowbirds Dance w/ A Taste Of Love, Cove-Wide Garage Sale
8 - 10
Anniversary Weekend
We're celebrating Cypress Cove's 52nd Anniversary this weekend; Karaoke Party w/ Regis, Anniversary Dance w/ Orange Sunshine
15 - 17
Motown Weekend
Celebrate the best of the Motown sound; Streak at Cheeks w/ DJ Shawn, Motown Dance w/ The Chello Holliday Band
22 - 24 Weekend
A Meet Up for members of, the Social Network for Nudists; Karaoke Party w/ Melanie, Dance w/ Live Music by Silent Scream
29 - 1
Jungle Party / Animal Print Weekend
A fun themed costume party, be sure to pack your animal prints!; Suicide Karaoke w/ DJ Xavier, Crafts & Cocktails, Jungle Party / Animal Print Dance & Costume Contest w/ DJ Xavier
  • Apr 5 - 7: Goodbye Snowbirds Weekend
  • Apr 8 - 9: Anniversary Weekend
  • Apr 12 - 14: Motown Weekend
  • Apr 19 - 21: Weekend
  • Apr 26 - 28: Jungle Party / Animal Print Weekend