Professional Body Painting Contest


Cypress Cove is proud to announce our third annual Professional Body Painting Contest on Saturday, July 12, 2014.

The competition takes place during our Open House event. For this day only, admission is FREE starting at 10 am and EVERYONE is welcome to attend. No nudist experience necessary. Guests are not required to disrobe.

Our second Body Painting Contest was held last year as part of our National Nude Weekend celebration. It was a great success and was popular with the artists and the many guests who attended the event.

The theme for this year is "Twisted Fairy Tales." You are free to use known characters or ones of your own design. The more creative you get with the theme the better. Artists will be provided an indoor, air conditioned space to work. We will be providing food and beverages for the artists and models.

Body Painting ContestBody Painting and Nudism make a great combination, as it provides artists the opportunity to work out in the open. Guests will be invited to watch the artists work, though most will wait to see the final product at the judging. The prizes for the event will be as follows:

  • First Prize - $500
  • Second Prize - $250
  • Third Prize - $150

Download the Body Painting Contest Registration Form to enter here.

Please bring in completed form on day of contest. Pay for your registration in advance and save using the link below.

Registration Options

A few of last year's entries:


The Invisible Woman

Captain America


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